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Industry-leading Metal Roofing in Salt Lake City

Our interlocking stamped-steel roofing panels come in a multitude of eye-catching metal roof styles, including terra cotta tile and imitation wood shake.

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Metal Roof Benefits

Why Use Erie Metal Shingles on Your Home in Salt Lake City?

Classic Curb Appeal

Erie Metal Roofs are designed with stone chips to accurately mimic the look of traditional roofing materials such as dimensional shingles, wood shakes and barrel tiles.

UV Resistant

Stone chips are bonded to the steels with our acrylic resin binder. These stone granules offer a pretective coating, so our metal roofs resist fading and UV penetration.

Glaze Protection

Our final glaze process encapsulates the panel protecting your metal roof from any damage far longer than other roofing materials on the market including hail and winds of up to 120 mph.

Barclay Metal Roof

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With industry-leading warranty protection up to 50 years, Erie Home goes above and beyond to ensure our customers are taken care of well after we install your new metal roof.

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Erie Home is Salt Lake City’s Top-Rated Metal Roofing Company

With the various seasons in Utah, metal roofing in Salt Lake City can have you and your home covered during the cold, freezing temperatures and the hot, dry summers. From reducing the risk of ice dams to reflecting the heat of the sun, an investment in a metal roof can save you money over time with protection from potential problems and minimal maintenance requirements.

Not only can a residential metal roof benefit Salt Lake City homes, but metal roofs come in stylish looks, mimicking traditional asphalt shingles, clay barrel tiles, and cedar wood shake. Keep reading to discover the best way to choose the right residential roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah and what a new metal roof can do for your home.

How to Choose the Best Metal Roofing Contractor in Salt Lake City

When you want the best metal roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, keep the following in mind:

  • Professional qualifications: A qualified roofing professional provides service from beginning to end. Whether it’s the initial roof inspection, financing, or final installation, the right Salt Lake City roofing contractor will take care of your roof from start to finish.
  • Licensing, bonding, or insurance: A qualified Salt Lake City residential roofing contractor should be licensed in Utah, in line with the local requirements. This helps give assurance to homeowners that the company hired does the job safely, ethically, and expediently.
  • Experience: Pick a residential roofing contractor who features experience and has in-depth knowledge of how to install a metal roof. Professional roofing companies are familiar with the ins-and-outs and guide you through the entire process.
  • Services offered: A good residential roofing contractor offers services from the beginning inspection to the final touches on installation. Erie Home offers additional services, such as a 3D rendering of your roof, financing for easier payment, and a secure digital process.
  • Length of installation: Installing a new metal roof shouldn’t take long. From choosing the style of roofing to home inspection to final installation, you could have a new roof in as little as 4 weeks with Erie Home.
  • Warranty: A warranty protects you should there be a defect with the manufacturer’s materials or a problem with installation.
  • Reviews: Word of mouth is often the best way to find top-notch professionals. Look at reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Which Type of Metal Roof is Best for Salt Lake City?

Metal roofs often bring to mind flat sheets of metal, standing-seam, or even corrugated metal, such that you might see on a commercial building. However, residential metal roofing from Erie Home features a textured stone-coated metal to create modern designs similar to traditional shingles, barrel-vault, and shake, while protecting your home from harsh elements.

Are Metal Roofs Worth the Extra Cost in Salt Lake City?

Whether it’s summer or winter, metal roofs are worth the extra cost in Salt Lake City. Durable to handle all types of weather – hail, strong winds, torrential rain, snow and ice, and mid-summer sun, a metal roof is worth the peace of mind.

Metal roof replacement is an investment that can save you money in the long run. They’re built to last longer than traditional roofing, which means less cost over time. Insulating and reflective, stone-coated metal roofing keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, potentially decreasing your energy bills.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Metal Roof in Salt Lake City?

Factors that affect the cost of a metal roof in Salt Lake City include:

  • Square footage of your home and roof: The size of your house and roof affects the overall cost of residential metal roof installation. Roofing materials are typically sold using cost per square, which is 100 square feet.
  • Other roof objects: Other roof obstacles, such as chimneys, stovepipes, eaves, attic windows, and overhangs, can affect the cost of your new roof installation. The added footage increases the bottom line.
  • Additional services: The additional services a roofing contractor offers could affect the cost of a metal roof in Salt Lake City. Services such as inspection, roof photos, and quotes might affect the overall cost.
  • Maintenance and upkeep: Metal roofing doesn’t require as much maintenance and upkeep as traditional roofing, so it could save you money as time goes on.

Learn why a new metal roof is the best choice for your Utah home.

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