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Tan Stone Home with Metal Roof, Barclay

Classic Look, Modern Features

An Innovative Approach to Metal Roofing

At Erie Home, our premium metal roofing solutions offer the beauty of a traditional shingle roof with the ultra-durability that comes with a metal roof. With a layer of stone-coating for UV, water, and wind resistance, your Erie Home metal roof won’t fade over time or need to be repainted like traditional standing seam metal roofing.

Top Trends and Designs

Uncompromising style that protects your home

Roofing isn’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we provide a variety of colors and designs to elevate the beauty of your home and complement the architecture in your area. Whether you need help finding the best roof to protect your historic home or you’re looking for Spanish tile for your Mediterranean getaway, our team of experts can find the perfect roof to suit your style.

Metal Shingle Colors That Suit Your Style

Metal Shingle, Barclay
Metal Shingle, Charcoal
Metal Shingle, English Suede
English Suede
Metal Shingle, Ironwood
Metal Shingle, Timberwood
Medium Gray Shake Siding Home with Metal Roof, Charcoal
Dark Brown Shake Home with Metal Roof, Barclay
Tan Brick Home with Metal Roof, Charcoal
Tan Stone Home with Metal Roof, Barclay

Explore the Possibilities

Replacing damaged asphalt shingles provides a clean, fresh moisture barrier that defends your home, increases your property value, and elevates your curb appeal. Explore the possibilities of Erie Home roofing and discover unique metal roofing systems to inspire your next home remodel.

“I’m very happy with my new Erie Home metal roof. It doesn’t look like a plain, flat metal roof, but really does look like cottage-type shingles. My property value jumped immediately!”

– Mark Burkhead from Harrisburg, PA

Premium Roofing Products

Designed for Performance

Cloud Showers Heavy

Custom to Your Climate

At Erie Home, we provide metal and asphalt roofing options that suit the needs of your climate. If you experience a lot of rain and snow or brutal sunny summers our team can recommend a selection of roofs that shed water easily or keep your home cooler and save energy.


Installed by Experts

Once you contact Erie Home for a roofing consultation, we get to work, making a project plan for your home. We’ll pay you a visit, assess your property, and discuss what works best for you. Our experienced team works fast, installing your new roof in as little as eight days.


Backed by a Warranty

With a limited lifetime warranty that transfers to the next homeowner, an Erie Home roof increases home value by providing a timeless look and peace of mind for years to come.

Chart Comparing when a metal roof vs an asphalt roof needs to be replaced. Metal costing about $50,000 every 50 years compared to an asphalt roof about $30,000 every 20 years

Invest in Your Home and Your Peace of Mind

We provide options in how you’d like to invest in your home. Your choice of roof material and longevity should be made based on how long you plan on living in your home and what additional improvements you’d like to make. Our metal roofs come with a 50 year limited lifetime warranty and our asphalt roofs with a 30 year limited lifetime warranty. So you know no matter what you choose you’ll have peace of mind for years to come. Consult with our experts today to make the choice that is right for you.

Busting Metal Roof Myths

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Insulated From Outdoor Noise

Erie Home metal roofing is stone-coated, defending you from the elements with a layer of protection that repels water and hail, all without the loud echoing that comes with other brands of metal roofing.

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A Sound Investment

You may have heard that metal roofing is expensive, but you’re investing in industry-best durability, so you can enjoy low-maintenance homeownership for the next 50 years.

Energy Efficient

Erie Home metal roofs provide insulation from the elements, keeping your air conditioning and heating inside and protecting you from the elements outside.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

No Paint Necessary

While metal roofing with standing seams often needs to be repainted, our metal roofing systems are stone-coated, giving you the traditional shingle look with premium durability that never fades.


Rust Repellant

Stone coating prevents Erie Home roofing from rust, providing you with the same fresh “new roof” look for decades of homeownership.

Metal Roofing

Available in Classic Styles

Coming in a variety of styles that mimic Spanish tile, shake, and shingles, our metal roofing defends your home while complimenting your home’s unique features.

Roofing 101

Empowering Homeowners With Industry Insights

Educated homeowners make better long-term decisions. Explore our roofing guide to gain knowledge and confidence to make the right choice your home and family.

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