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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Advantages of Air Quality Solutions

Refresh Your Home’s Air Supply

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Safer, Healthier Air

Your family deserves to feel safe at home. Prevent upper respiratory infections and asthma flare ups by addressing water damage in your basement and filtering out allergens and toxic pollutants from the air.

Eliminate Odors

Old basements can produce musty smells, affecting your belongings and your family. After repairing your foundation, our air purification systems filter out odors, leaving you clean, fresh air.

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Increased Home Value

Remove old, musty odors and moisture with Erie Home comprehensive basement solutions. Increase your home value by providing a clean, fresh look and peace of mind for years to come.

Lower Humidity

With comprehensive waterproofing services, our team of experienced technicians can lower humidity in your home, removing standing water in your basement and installing dehumidifiers.

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Energy Savings

Erie Home air quality solutions provide long-lasting, low-maintenance air quality control, lowering your energy costs with efficient dehumidification and purification systems.


Prevent Mold Growth

Stop dangerous mold growth caused by damaged basements or poor air quality with Erie Home’s basement and air quality services, including waterproofing and dehumidification solutions.

Indoor foundation opened up around the perimeter with stone and trim laid down
Indoor foundation opened up around the perimeter with stone and trim laid down, with concrete over top
Unfinished basement with white barrier along the walls and Erie Home appliance installed

Improve Indoor Air Quality

At Erie Home, our basement and crawlspace experts specialize in comprehensive air quality solutions, starting from foundation repair to waterproofing and dehumidification. Keep your family safe and healthy by ensuring your home is free from dangerous mold growth or other air pollutants.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Air Quality Solutions

We spend the majority of our life inside, so it’s important to make your home a safe environment for you and your family. Prevent moisture from causing costly damage to your home and your health with a variety of Erie Home air quality solutions, including encapsulation and purification.

Erie Home Air Quality Solutions

Common Indoor Air Pollutants


Volatile organic compounds, which come from soil or common household products like cleaning supplies, can cause a variety of adverse health affects.

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Mold spores

Exposure to mold can cause everything from fever-like symptoms to allergic reactions and asthma attacks, which can be a serious threat to your health if left unaddressed.

Water seepage and residue on interior foundation wall and basement floor

There are many types of allergens, such as seasonal pollen, that can remain trapped in the home, causing irritating symptoms and aggravating those with respiratory conditions.

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Person wiping counter down with spray and towel
Finished and furnished basement

Make your basement livable again.

Basement Waterproofing Without External Excavation!

Erie Home Air Quality Solutions

Product Offerings

Air Purification System

Having your basement and crawl space waterproofed is one of the best ways to improve air quality. We utilize specialized, high-capacity purification systems to significantly reduce humidity and inhibit mold growth or spore circulation.

Unfinished basement with white barrier along the walls and Erie Home appliance installed

Erie Home technicians install a heavy-duty waterproof liner, designed to prevent standing water, flooding, and other moisture-related issues in your basement or crawlspace.

Finished crawlspace with white barrier

Every Erie Home product is backed by a warranty so you can ensure your investment is protected. For more information, visit our Warranty page.

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Unfinished basement with white barrier along the walls and Erie Home appliance installed

The Erie home Advantage

Innovative Air Quality Solutions

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Convenient Financing Available

Investing in your home remodel is made as simple and affordable as possible. We offer convenient financing options to suit every family’s specific needs.

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Ultra-Durable, Premium Products

We use products that meet the industry’s highest standards. Whether we’re servicing your roof or waterproofing your basement, your home is protected with Erie Home products.

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Expert Installation and Maintenance

You can expect white glove service from start to finish, from the free consultation with a member of our knowledgable sales team to a hassle-free installation from our expert technicians.

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4.6 Nationwide Rating out of 16,500+ Reviews
Reviewed 08/2023
Erie Home is a great company and their lifetime warranty is really what sold me. I love the air purifier too – way cool! I'm so happy I can utilize my basement the way I want to now and enjoy it as my sewing room and living room.
Nadine Z.
Lansing, MI
Basement Waterproofing
Reviewed 07/2023
Erie Home took an incredible worry off our minds. The team was very polite and finished our basement in three days, giving us a dry, hospitable basement. I would absolutely recommend Erie Home to anyone with moisture issues.
Jared H.
Columbus, OH
Reviewed 11/2023
Consultation was great, the two gentlemen who came were nice and very informative. They knew what they were talking about. 4 stars because the interactions with the ladies on the phone were unpleasant. Very short, rude and not very giving in terms of information.
Dayton, OH

Protect Your Home’s Value By Keeping Your Basement Dry

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