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Foundation Repair Solutions

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Fortify Your Foundation


Moisture Defense

Prevent water seepage from growing dangerous mold in your basement. Our foundation waterproofing services repair cracks in your foundation with ultra-durable sealant, providing a moisture defense barrier that keeps your basement dry.

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Wall Pressure Relief

Our foundation wall stabilization services apply industrial-strength sealer to permanently relieve pressure on foundation walls and defend against moisture and temperature fluctuations.

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Peace of Mind

Repairing your crumbling foundation with Erie Home comprehensive basement solutions increases your home value by providing a clean, fresh look and peace of mind for years to come.

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Energy Savings

Erie Home foundation solutions provide insulation from the elements, keeping your air conditioning and heating inside and protecting you from the elements outside.

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Backed by a Warranty

Every Erie Home product is backed by a warranty so you can ensure your investment is protected. For more information, visit our Warranty page.

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Increased Home Value

Secure the future of your home’s foundation by repairing cracks before they worsen and cause expensive damage. With reinforced walls and a waterproof basement, your property value will increase and if you choose to sell, your warranty transfers to the next owner.

Before-After Basement Encapsulation

Restore Strength to Your Foundation

Don’t let cracks in your foundation put your home at risk. Our all-in-one basement solutions include waterproofing services, such as encapsulation, to prevent water damage from occurring after your foundation is safely sealed.

Foundation Repair

Mitigate Foundation Cracks

Catching concrete and foundation damage early protects your family’s health and saves you money in expensive repairs. At the first sign of foundation damage, contact our basement and foundation experts for a thorough evaluation, detailed report, and honest recommendation.

Erie Home Foundation Services

Common Signs You Need Foundation Repair


Cracks that aren’t fixed can extend rapidly, threatening the structural integrity of your home and leading to expensive repair problems.

Exposed cracks between large stone bricks on outside foundation wall
Seepage or Water Infiltration

Water seepage is the result of moisture navigating to your basement through cracks in your foundation. This can be inviting to pests and mold, which can damage your belongings and put your family’s health at risk.

Water seepage and residue on interior foundation wall and basement floor
Exposed cracks between large stone bricks on outside foundation wall
Finished and furnished basement

Make your basement livable again.

Basement Waterproofing Without External Excavation!

Erie Home Foundation Repair Services

Product Offerings

Ultra-Durable Sealant

At Erie Home, our trusted team of foundation repair experts easily identify and stop foundation cracks in their tracks by injecting them with an ultra-durable sealant.

Water seepage and residue on interior foundation wall and basement floor
Wall Stabilization

Foundation wall stabilization services involve strategically applying an industrial-strength sealer – a reliable solution that will stand up to intense pressure, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and time.

Repaired foundation wall with ArmorLock
Concrete Repair

Repairing concrete walls and floors in your basement prevents moisture from penetrating your foundation and compromising the air quality in your home.

Foundation Crack Filled In
Water seepage and residue on interior foundation wall and basement floor

The Erie home Advantage

Comprehensive Foundation Repair

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Convenient Financing Available

Investing in your home remodel is made as simple and affordable as possible. We offer convenient financing options to suit every family’s specific needs.

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Ultra-Durable, Premium Products

We use products that meet the industry’s highest standards. Whether we’re servicing your roof or waterproofing your basement, your home is protected with Erie Home products.

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Expert Installation and Maintenance

You can expect white glove service from start to finish, from the free consultation with a member of our knowledgable sales team to a hassle-free installation from our expert technicians.

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Basement Waterproofing
Reviewed 08/2023
Excellent quality of work! I also appreciated the thorough information that was relayed about the company’s products. What pleased me the most though, was their willingness to work with me when I had questions.
Joyce W.
Rochester, NY
Basement Waterproofing
Reviewed 07/2023
The team at Erie Home has exceeded my expectations in repairing my basement from start to finish. Mike and Cass were thorough in their explanation of the process and provided samples of the products that would be utilized. In addition, they took the time to provide information about the company.
Janet B.
Appleton, WI
Basement Waterproofing
Better Business Bureau
Reviewed 08/2023
They were considerate of my upstairs living space by placing plastic on the floors. The crew was kind, courteous, and considerate. If I ever buy another home, I will hire Erie Home to take care of my basement before I move in. Highly recommend this company!
Bryan G.
Cincinnati, OH

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