Awesome Style and Color Options for Your Metal Roof

Adding metal roofing to your home can give it an instant modern upgrade. But what color and style should you choose? There are many options to select from as metal roofing has come a long way with new finishes and styles. Picking the right style and color for your metal roofing color will complement the aesthetic of your home and make your house stand out as a unique and beautiful structure in your neighborhood.

It’s impossible to change the color of your metal roof once it’s installed, so choose something you will enjoy for many years. Metal shingles come in a range of timeless colors and styles, and your roofing consultant will help you pick the best options for your home.

If you are still undecided as to which color and design you should pick for your metal roof, keep reading to learn more about the aesthetic and structural factors that will help you make the best choice for home. In this metal roofing guide, you’ll find answers to important questions about the available colors and styles for metal roofing to make your research easier, and your final decision a bit simpler.

Stunning Metal Dimensional Shingle Roofs

Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Timberwood, Pacific Tile Roof

Architectural roofing shingles are one of today’s most popular choices among homeowners for residential roofing projects, and it’s easy to see why. These roofing shingles provide homes with a dramatic three-dimensional look that easily catches the eye and enhances the appeal of your home, especially if you ever plan to sell.

Today, to get the three-dimensional look on your roof, you have the option of stone-coated steel shingle roofing. It is designed to expertly mimic the look of genuine dimensional shingles on your home. A bonus with these products is that the metal designs also withstand virtually any type of weather that Mother Nature brings.

Dimensional roofing features several layers, including a steel base and several coatings that help to keep your roof protected. Metal roofing is already durable, and the stone blends add further durability and amazing aesthetic appeal.

For homeowners who don’t really like the look of barn-style metal roofs, Stone-coated roofing can give you the best of both worlds in terms of looks and function. These designs provide the ultimate protection for your home, while also giving it a stunning modern look.

Just a few of the features of dimensional shingle roofs include:

  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Mimics the look of other popular styles, like slate and cedar shake roofing
  • Perfect for accenting steep roofs, turrets, and gables
  • Won’t fade in the sun

Architectural metal roofing designs are built to last in virtually any weather conditions.

Beautiful Metal Spanish Tile Roofing

A Spanish Style Metal Roof featuring the Barcleona Barrel Vault Roof.

Stone-coated steel roofing is special because it is uniquely made to suit home styles of all kinds, and Spanish-style metal roofing is no exception. Spanish-style metal roofing is among the most popular choices for homeowners who want to add visual appeal to their home design with something out of the ordinary.

With Spanish-style roofing, your new roof will exude the classic appeal of traditional clay barrel tiles, while the metal material provides long-lasting protection for your home. In addition to being stunning, your new Spanish-style roof will feature Class 4 hail impact resistance, the ability to stand up to hurricane-level winds, and is fire resistant.

Charming Metal Shake Roofs

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring a Timberwood Roof

The beauty of today’s metal shake roofing is that it mimics the charming look that gives natural wood shakes their visual appeal on homes. You also get to choose from a large selection of colors and styles to get a finished result that will perfectly suit your specific tastes. Unlike traditional shake roofing, modern metal shake roofs will protect your home for years to come.

Like Spanish-style roofing, metal shake roofs also provide these benefits:

  • Top-tier hail impact resistance (Class 4)
  • A hurricane wind performance rating
  • Fire resistant

When you upgrade to metal shake roofing, you can rest assured that your home will be protected for a lifetime, against even the most turbulent weather conditions. In addition to superior protection, you will get the visual beauty of wooden shakes without having to worry about years of tedious and costly upkeep for you roof.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Metal Roofing

A collage of some of the different metal roof styles and color options available from Erie Home.

The color you decide to go with for your metal roof will largely depend on your personal taste. You can make your decision based on the current color of your home or go with a color that will be perfect for the upcoming paint job you’re also planning. If you want a roof that will be complementary no matter what color your home is, then a neutral shade, like black, gray, or browns, would work best.

If you’re wanting a bolder and more adventurous look, then a stand-out shade like red or blue may be more suitable. Allow your color choice to reflect your personality so that your home will truly be one of a kind.

Ready to invest in a metal roof for your home?

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Barclay Metal Granite Ridge Shingles

Today’s metal roofing designs are offered in a variety of attractive, fade-resistant colors. Your new metal roofing system should look and function to your standards. It will serve as a long-term aesthetic upgrade to your home as well as provide a lifetime of unparalleled protection — and when you are ready to choose your contractor to install your roofing, be sure you pick a company that stands behind their work. That way, you know your roof is put on your home correctly, and you won’t face issues with it in the future.

Create the home design of your dreams with a new elegantly designed metal roofing system and enjoy the benefits for years to come. A modern metal roofing system is sure to give you the look and durability you deserve for your home.

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