Solar Power System Installations and Your Metal Roof

Solar system installations are becoming more popular in American households. Not only are they an incredible renewable energy source, they also help a household be more self-sufficient. The rise of solar farms and private solar power has had a positive impact on our nation’s energy usage. When you’re thinking of replacing your roof, it’s an excellent time to consider adding solar power. This is particularly true if you are going with metal roofing for the first time, because solar panels and most types of metal roofing are an ideal match. Here are just a few reasons.

Installation Is a Breeze (Especially Compared to Asphalt Shingles)

When installing solar panels on a traditional shingle roof, the installer must mount the panels by drilling holes through the roofing material. This opens the door for potential issues down the road, like leaking, tearing, or unsecure solar panels that could fall. Not only is this issue frustrating, it could start a chain reaction that leads to water damage and other costly problems. Additionally, installing panels into an aging roof is risky, because your panels may outlive your roof.

With metal roofing, installation couldn’t be easier. In most cases, the panels don’t need to be drilled in. Rather, they can be fastened onto metal tiles or standing seam metal roofs. This can even save you money on installation. Additionally, you have the added assurance that your roof will likely last as long as your panels – if not longer.

Wider Selection of Solar Panels

PV (photovoltaic) solar panels are the large, raised panels that likely spring to mind when you think of renewable solar energy. For years they have been the standard for solar farms, as well as private solar panels. However, using metal roofing opens you to another option: thin film solar panels. These panels appear to be adhered to your roof and have a low, barely noticeable profile. The ideal roofing for thin film panels is standing seam metal roofing. The texture and flat surface make the two products a perfect match. Some benefits of thin film panels are that they are easier to install and are more environmentally conscious, because they take less energy to manufacture.

Solar Panels Maximize Cooling Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is known for keeping your home cooler in the summer months, thanks to reflective paints, coatings, and granules on “cool roofs.” Adding solar panels over some or all your energy-efficient roof kicks things up a notch by shading sections of the already reflective roof from direct sunlight.

Solar panels and metal roofing are a brilliant combination! Learn more today.

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