Home Insurance and a Metal Roof

If you are a homeowner, you probably have a home insurance plan. You understand how important these plans are, protecting you, your family, and your property from unexpected damage, natural disasters, break-ins, and other emergencies. On the other hand, you know how expensive home insurance plans can be. There may be a solution to your high insurance woes – did you know that insurance companies love metals roofs?

Homeowners with metal roofs enjoy lower home insurance rates. Metal roofs are durable, fire safe, and long-lasting, a factor that insurance companies do not ignore when calculating your insurance premiums.

How Insurance Companies View Different Roof Materials

When insurance companies are calculating your insurance premiums, they estimate how much your home would cost to repair in the event of a disaster. If you have more durable materials that can withstand these conditions, your insurance rates will be lower. Here’s how different materials stack up:

· Asphalt roofs are common and won’t affect premium much.

· Wood roofs rot and are not fire-resistant, which poses a serious risk of damage in the event of a fire.

· Slate and tile roofs are resistant to fire and rot, but crack easily.

· Metal roofs are durable and fire-resistant, providing the best protection in an emergency.

Disaster Preparedness

If your home is more disaster-resistant, your insurance rates will be lower. Insurance companies examine how your roof will withstand certain conditions, such as high winds, snowfall, and rain. Metal roofs are waterproof, which decreases the chance of water damage. In addition, they stay put during high winds.

Fire Resistance

One of the most common home disasters is fire. In the event of a fire, an insurance company will have to pay thousands of dollars to repair a home. The more resistant to fire your home is, the less your rates will be. Metal roofs are completely fire resistant and your insurance premiums reflect this. Insurance companies will often give fire-resistance discounts to homes with metal roofs.

Impact Resistance

For situations involving hail or another object hitting your roof, your insurance company wants to know if your home could withstand the damage without needing major, expensive repairs. Many companies give impact resistance discounts to homes with a metal roof, since they are the most durable. While extreme hail can damage any building, hailstorms will usually just bounce off the metal roof. With less durable materials, the roof can crack, or the hail can make holes in its surface, requiring expensive repairs.

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