Nashville: 7 Facts About Installing a Skylight in a Metal Roof

Many homeowners across the country are upgrading their homes with new metal roofs. A metal roof can last more than three times as long as a typical asphalt shingle roof and entail a fraction of the maintenance and repair issues, resulting in dramatically better long-term cost of ownership. They are more environmentally sustainable, offer superior weather protection, and can instantly boost a home’s resale value. As homeowners in Tennessee make the switch, they may wonder about additional upgrades that can make their homes more comfortable, even more valuable at resale, and more energy efficient.

Skylights are popular additions to many types of homes for several reasons. They allow additional natural light into a home, which can potentially reduce energy consumption. Skylights that open can improve ventilation in some areas, and skylights almost always increase a home’s resale value. They make rooms appear larger and more beautiful and can instantly attract potential buyers. If you’re curious about skylights and have a metal roof, you might be wondering whether a skylight is a viable option with your metal roof. Consider the following facts about skylights with metal roofs as you weigh your options for your Nashville home.

One: Proper Installation Is Crucial

An Erie Home Installer - Installing a Metal Roof.

Like any worthwhile home upgrade, putting a skylight in a metal roof requires professional installation. There is very little room for error when it comes to skylight installation for a metal roof. Done correctly, the new skylight can provide energy savings, improved aesthetic appeal, and boosted home resale value. However, mistakes during the installation process can potentially jeopardize the entire roof. One small leak could damage the roof bed and allow moisture to seep into the home.

Two: Location Is Worth Considering

Unfortunately, a skylight may not be a good idea for where you live, regardless of the type of roof your home has. To put it simply, areas that receive lots of precipitation in the form of snow and rain are not ideal for skylight installation. The excessive precipitation increases the chances of leaks and moisture damage, and ultimately skylight installation is not worth the problems it may cause in these areas. If you live in a very dry area, this will not be as much of a concern for you, and a skylight can be a tremendous investment that makes your home more comfortable and easier to ventilate.

Three: Skylights in a Metal Roof Can Influence Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners opt to install new metal roofs because of the substantial savings they can offer in the form of reduced energy bills. Metal roofs typically allow homes’ heating and air conditioning systems to work only as hard as they need to in order to maintain consistent interior temperatures, whereas asphalt shingle roofs can allow interior air to escape or the outside air to influence temperatures inside the home. If you want to install a new metal roof because of the energy savings it might provide, you should know which type of skylight would be best for your Tennessee home.

Modern skylights made with thermal glass can provide additional natural light without allowing additional heat to enter the home. Ultimately, skylights will only influence your inside temperatures and moisture levels if they can open or if they do not have thermal glass. Depending on where you live, additional warmth through a skylight can be a good or bad thing, but it’s an important consideration before committing to a skylight installation for your home.

Four: Skylights and Metal Roofs Are Best Installed Together

If you plan to install skylights and don’t yet have a metal roof, it’s best to arrange for both installations at the same time. While it’s possible to add a skylight to a home after upgrading to a metal roof, this is a complex and potentially expensive process. By installing a new metal roof and a skylight at the same time, your Nashville roofer can easily determine the ideal placement for the skylight and install proper flashings to seal the skylight from moisture.

Five: A Skylight May Increase Noise from Rain and Hail

It’s a common misconception that a metal roof will be louder during a storm than an asphalt shingle roof, but the opposite is true: Most metal roofs are quieter than shingled roofs, but a skylight may lead to additional noise during storms. If you have any concerns about the noise in your home from storms, it’s worth taking time to consider how a skylight may change this. There aren’t any functional insulation methods against noise for skylights, so you may need to accept slightly louder storms if you decide to install one.

Six: You’ll Need to Inspect The Skylight Regularly

While a skylight can offer significant benefits to Tennessee homes, you must also be aware of the drawbacks as well as the problems skylights may pose for your roof. Skylights will protrude from the roof’s slope to prevent water from collecting on them during storms. However, unless they have peaked or curved upper edges, the pan location at the top of each skylight will allow moisture to accumulate during storms. These areas are the most likely to develop rust over time, so you should plan multiple professional inspections every year to make sure your skylights aren’t allowing your metal roof to accumulate rust.

Seven: Plan for Skylight Maintenance

If you choose to install a skylight in your metal roof or have a skylight installed along with a new metal roof, you should prepare for the maintenance the skylight will require. Damaged or corroded flashings require immediate replacement, and if you notice any cracks or impact marks on the skylight’s glass panels you should repair it immediately. You should also plan for regular cleanings of the skylight glass to remove dirt and debris.

Skylights can be great additions to all kinds of homes, and it’s always best to plan your skylight installation to take place at the same time as a roof replacement or new metal roof installation for the best long-term value. Skylights offer several benefits, but they also entail extra work. Any homeowner considering a skylight with a metal roof should expect this and work closely with an experienced roofing contractor to ensure a secure, functional, and reliable installation.

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