Why Metal Roofs In Dayton Are Perfect for Midwest Climates

Anyone living in the Midwest knows that this region is notorious for its fluctuating weather. In the northern Midwest, we experience all four seasons in full effect. Spring and fall often offer milder temperatures, but the summers can be hot and humid. The winters can be severely chilly and unforgiving. Your home is the place where you expect comfort and safety, and the roofing on your home will impact your experiences. You’ll want to invest in roofing that will make every season enjoyable, and metal roofing can be the perfect way to get the most out of your home all year long.

Homeowners in the Midwest should consider investing in a metal roof to reap the numerous benefits a metal roof has for your home and the well-being of your family. Read on to learn more about what metal roofing is and why metal roofing is the perfect option for your northern Midwest home.

What Exactly Is a Metal Roof?

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Simply put, a metal roof is a protective roofing system made metal panels shaped in various ways to produce a strong, extremely durable roofing system. High-quality metal roofing is well-known for providing superior protection for homes. Metal roofs are the perfect structural addition for buildings in climates that experience weather changes because they are resistant to water, air, and heat.

Often called the “Cadillac of Roofing,” a metal roof does not describe a specific product — rather, a metal roof describes a range of different metal materials. The most common metals for roofing are steel, aluminum, zinc, tin, and copper. Being made of strong and versatile materials gives metal roofing its reputation for fitting into numerous design options and allows metal roofs to be suitable for different types of homes.

Metal Roofs Are Ultra Durable

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Countryblend Metal Shingles

One of the best attributes of metal roofing is its strength and durability. When a metal roof is installed properly, it can withstand the harshest of winds (including smaller tornados), heavy downpours, and hailstorms. Metal roofing is both fire and corrosion-resistant, so your home will not sustain damage if lightning should strike. In terms of being strong, long-lasting, and protective, a metal roof is the best option for keeping your family safe and your home standing tall.

Metal Roofs Last a Long Time

Metal roofing can last up to and beyond 50 years, far longer than the standard asphalt or wooden roof. While asphalt shake and shingled roofs typically last up to 30 years on a home, a metal roof is designed to last on your home for a considerably longer time. Due to its longevity, you could move into your home, install your metal roof, and potentially never have to worry about replacing your roof again during your time there.

By investing in a metal roof in Dayton, Ohio, you can check a major home improvement project off your list, and you won’t have to worry about putting on a new roof for many years to come.

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

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Unlike other types of roofs that naturally absorb heat from the environment, like asphalt, for example, metal roofs reflect UV rays. The installation of a metal roof is a great investment because it is more energy-efficient than other materials. Since a metal roof won’t absorb heat, it can help to keep your home much cooler in the summer months, cutting down the amount of time you will need to run your air conditioning. A metal roof can start saving you money without you having to make any major lifestyle changes.

Metal Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

Today’s metal roofing is largely composed of recyclable materials (about 65%), so if you love the planet, you can reduce your environmental footprint simply by installing a metal roof on your home. Metal roofs can also be installed directly on top of a pre-existing roof, further reducing the waste that results from disposing of the old roofing material in a landfill. Lastly, excess metal roofing material that isn’t used during installation, can be recycled, yet again and used for something else.

Metal Roofs Are Low Maintenance

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Charcoal Pacific Tile Shingles

In addition to the durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, metal roofs are also great because they require little to no maintenance. If your roof is painted, it may need touchups or repainting eventually – however this will not be needed with a stone-coated metal roof. You may also need to wash debris, such as leaves or branches, from your roof. However, overall, you can expect to spend very little time maintaining your roof. The up-front investment in such high-quality materials can give you all the benefits of protective roofing without excessive upkeep.

Choose a Quality Roofer You Can Trust

An Erie Home Installer - Installing a Metal Roof.

Choosing a metal roof for your Dayton home is a big decision, but it will prove to be worthwhile if you live in a home in the northern Midwest. When you are ready to make your roofing investment, you want to work with a roofer you can trust. Make sure to always hire a company of experienced contractors who are skilled at working with metal roofing, and who understand the installation, and maintenance needs of the specific metal you choose.

Hiring roofing professionals who understand the importance of making your new roof as durable as possible is key to having a long-lasting home protection. Your metal roofing has to last for years to come through the highs and lows of Midwestern climates, so it will require proper installation and upkeep with top-quality metal roofing supplies.

Be sure to do your research before you select a roofer for your installation. Ultimately you should work with a team who will evaluate your current roof, quote you a competitive price, and be able to complete your metal roofing installation in a timely fashion.

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