Why Choose a Metal Roof Over Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Tesla has created a new solar roof to replace what Elon Musk considers an “unsightly” combination of metal roofs and solar panels. This solar roof has some perks, but it also has many downfalls. Take a look at the comparisons before deciding if Tesla’s Solar Roof is right for you.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are created with standing seams to accommodate solar panels. These roofs have a cooling effect that works to provide better energy efficiency for home owners. Metal roofs also have the eco-friendly perk of being recyclable once their lifespan ends. They are cost efficient as they last for upwards of 50 years and they provide an elevated look to your home.

Solar Panels

The solar panels have the same perks as metal roofs in that they are energy efficient and cost effective. Similar to metal roofs, solar panels are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. This fact provides easier access when replacing or repairing a metal roof after it’s lifespan because the solar panel will most likely need replacing, as well.

Tesla Solar Roof

The Tesla Solar Roof is a new type of roofing that provides the perks of a solar panel without the separated equipment of a metal roof and a solar panel. Essentially, this new version of roofing takes two options of a glass tile and creates a roofing tile across the home. This tile acts as a solar panel and connects to a battery pack inside the home to store the energy.

It works on a storage basis and saves the energy it collects for later use. Tesla provides a lifetime warranty on the glass tiles, but that doesn’t help their cost. The largest downside to the solar roof is the price. Through research, others have discovered Tesla charges $35 per square foot of roof. The concern with this is the price only covers the tiles. For a home measuring 1,862 square foot, you’re going to pay over $64,000 for the tile alone. This price doesn’t include the battery pack, installation, or other costs you might incur along the way.

Another concern for many Tesla customers is the testing of the metal roof. Every metal roof and solar panel available has been tested and proven to have every feature they advertise. Tesla has not met this qualification. They are asking you to pay an extremely large sum of money for a solar roof they haven’t proven works as they claim.

Tesla has contemplated adding colors to their tiles. While this seems like a great idea to make it look more like a regular roof, but this can also be problematic. Painting solar tiles could reduce their ability to work according to design. Unfortunately, a color added to the solar tiles could be a potential to cause more money as well.

Comparing the Two

Metal roofs and solar panels have an array of options to suit your needs. There are four types of metal roofs that can be installed through means of locking them together to avoid puncturing the roof decking or drilling holes and using screws or bolts to hold them in place. Solar panels offer two options to fit the home owner’s needs. One version is slightly bulky and requires drilling holes into the roof, while the other offers an option of clips or other fasteners to attach to the metal roofs with the standing seams, rather than drilling holes. Both metal roofs and solar panels are energy efficient and cost effective in comparison with Tesla’s roof.

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring a Barclay Pinecrest Roof

The Tesla Solar Roof focuses on one solid roof that doesn’t have a solar panel but acts as one. It has not been proven to work as a solar panel, but they are charging an expensive fee for the roof tiles alone. This price doesn’t include the installation of the roof or the equipment needed to install it.

Choosing Tesla or Solar Panels

All the specifications about the Tesla Solar Roof are great, however, they aren’t proven. Tesla is expecting a large sum of money for an unproven product. It seems there is more work to be done in this area. Perhaps it should be tested before placing it on the market. If it works and it’s proven, Tesla’s Solar Roof could be a great product. That’s assuming anyone is prepared to pay what they’re asking.

The concern of payment for the Tesla Solar Roof is another reason to shy away from this option. It’s more costly than any other solar products available for homes and continues to rise in price as they add more features. Should they choose to paint the tiles as they’ve discussed, this could create a price increase. It could also cause a product decrease due to painting over solar tiles that now must work to get their solar energy through a layer of paint.

Comparing this information against metal roofs with solar panels attached, the choice of solar panel is a better option. The metal roof and solar panel work well together with their warranty timeframes, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly recyclable materials. They are also less costly than the Tesla roof and their pricing includes everything required for installation and, generally, the installation itself. Metal roofs can be painted to provide the color needed to give the home a nice look and the solar panels will sit atop them to provide the solar energy needed in the home.


Tesla roofs are nice in theory, but require more work before they’re ready for public purchase. With their pricing, it may not be worth the purchase, even if the specifications are top of the line. Metal roofs and solar panels work as well, if not better, and at a more cost efficient level. It’s important to do the research on every product before choosing a method for your solar energy. Every bit of research can assist you in finding the perfect options for your home’s solar needs.

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