7 Best Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

If you’ve decided to install a metal roof on your home, congratulations! You’ve made a wise choice to extend the life of your roof in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

But now you have another choice to make: with so many metal roof and siding color combinations, which colors will you choose? This article will help you decide.

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Metal Roofs Now Come in a Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

When many people think of metal roofs, they imagine bland but durable gray, bare metal, or corrugated steel panels on the top of a house. But metal roofing has come a long way over the last few decades.

A list of roof styles that range from Barclay, charcoal, country, ironwood, timber wood, and Spanish red. 3 rows, the first row are in a classic style, the second are shingles, the third are Spanish style

As roofing material has become more popular and cost-efficient, manufacturers have been able to expand their product offerings. Today, the color possibilities are nearly endless. You can go with traditional neutral shades like tan, gray, brown, and white, or you can get more creative with shades of red and green.

At Erie Home, we offer stone-coated steel roofing, which comes in a wide range of colors that can suit any architectural style. These include subtle shades of red, green, along with the more traditional black, gray and brown.

But with all these choices can come confusion. How do you know which will be best for the next 50 years or longer?

5 Tips for Choosing Your Best Roof And Siding Color Combinations

To help you narrow down your choices, take the following steps.

1. Try an online visualizer.

Several online sites will allow you to upload a photo of your home and then use it to visualize different roof colors. We recommend Westlake’s simulator as it also allows you to peruse sample homes with different siding and roofing color combinations. These can give you some ideas for what you may want to do with your home.

2. Compare light and dark.

Start with the basics: should you have a light- or dark-colored roof? Light colors will reflect the heat of the sun better than dark colors, so if you live in a warm area, you should take this into consideration.

Lighter colors can also make your house appear taller than it is. If you have a shallow pitch or low roof, this could elevate your home’s appearance. Darker colors will have the opposite effect and can reduce the effect of a high slope or tall roof.

3. Consider your goal.

Do you want your home to stand out or blend in? If you want to make a statement, choose a bright or contrasting color to create interest. Dark colors also work well to help a building stand out. Neutral colors, on the other hand, will help your home blend in with its surroundings.

4. Work with the color of your house.

The color of your roof needs to complement the color of your house. Compare the color with the stucco, siding, or brick features to see how they go together. Consider the color of your door, windows, and trim too. Check your roof color outside at different times of the day, as the colors will look different depending on the lighting conditions.

In general, choose a roof color that complements your home’s exterior features and creates a unified and balanced look. The ideal color will contrast just enough to be interesting, but not so much that it seems out of place.

5. Consider your environment.

Do keep in mind the surrounding buildings and environment. If you live in a mountain or forest location, for instance, you may want complementary colors like green, dark bronze, slate, and rust shades.

If you live in a desert or plains area, tan, sandstone, bronze, and ash gray shades may work better. Bright, vibrant colors like regal red often fit in perfectly in tropical areas.

7 Popular Metal Roof And Siding Color Combinations

Let’s look at a few examples of siding and roof colors that complement each other.

Contrasting Colors

If you’re looking for a classic appearance, high-contrast colors may be best. The classic black and white looks clean and polished. A white house with a green roof can also look sharp. White siding with a charcoal gray roof creates a light, airy style.

Earth Tones and Natural Colors

With natural home exteriors, earth tones often look best. If your home has wood color siding, stone, or brick, metal roof colors in brown, green, and tan tones are popular. Bronze and red tones may work well in natural environments, as will green if you have a lot of trees around your home.

Warm and Cool Shades

Colors are often classified as either warm or cool. When choosing a combination for your home and roof, it’s usually best to pair cool with cool or warm with warm. Cool colors include blue and green, while warm tones include orange and red.

Neutral colors like white and gray pair well with cool shades, while tan and brown pair well with warm tones.

Gray on Gray

This is a popular home trend and includes pairing a lighter shade with a darker shade of gray. The subtle contrast provides a pleasing look for both classic and contemporary designs. You can add charcoal gray accents in your shutters and doors to break it up a little.

Dark on Dark

Dark colors are trendy these days. You can pair dark siding with a dark roof to make a bold statement. Dark blue siding is particularly popular and pairs well with a gray metal roof.

When using two similar colors, it helps to break up the look with lighter-colored trim, windows, and doors. Keep in mind that dark colors are best in cold climates as they absorb more heat from the sun.

Copper with Stone

Copper roofs have a unique shine that creates a regal feel. However, because copper is so expensive, it’s often used to accent certain features rather than to create the entire roof. Copper paired with stone siding or veneer can be impressive, while copper paired with cream-colored siding creates a luxurious combination.

Red Roofs with Tan Siding

Red isn’t a common metal roof color, but if you want to make a bold statement, it can create a stunning look. Pair it with tan or beige siding for the perfect balance of vibrancy and calm.

Final Thoughts

While choosing the best roof and siding color combination can sometimes be a little confusing, at Erie Home, we do our part to help. We offer a free roof inspection that will not only check your roof and attic for potential issues but will also produce a 3D visualization of your home.

You can then test the varied roofing styles and color options to see which one works best for your home. Call 1-800-862-2400 today to schedule your consultation or contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a metal roof be darker than the house?

Not necessarily. Your roof can be lighter than the house. The most important thing is to create a contrast between the two. If your siding is dark, a lighter roof may look best, and vice versa.

What color metal roof goes best with gray siding?

Gray is a versatile color that goes well with several other colors. You could choose a black, dark green, red, or white roof. Do consider what shade of gray siding you have. If it’s a darker gray, choose a lighter roof color. Lighter grays work best with darker roof colors.

What is the most popular color for metal roofs?

Standard white remains the most popular metal roof color. It goes with many other colors and helps keep your home cool.

What color metal roof lasts longest?

In general, lighter colors fade less than darker ones, but many roofing characteristics affect durability. The type of metal you choose, the quality of the installation, and the weather conditions in your area can all contribute to the durability of your roof and its color.

What color metal roof is coolest?

Lighter colors help reflect the heat of the sun more efficiently than darker colors. White is best for keeping your home cool, but tans and light grays will also work. Professional roof installation that includes insulation and ventilation will also help keep your home cool.

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