6 Tips for Choosing a Window Frame Color

Window frames are white. That is how we have been programmed. Little did we know that with the invention of vinyl windows came endless possibilities with color choices. The task may seem daunting. How do you make sure that the window frames look great from both the interior and the exterior of the home? How do you make sure you are happy with the window colors for years to come? The following tips are meant to make you feel more confident in your decisions.

Tip 1—Don’t Think About Windows, Think Generally, What Is My Style?

A installer assembling a Roof Skylight Window.

Forget about windows for a moment. Think about your style. Think about what you brought into your home when you first moved in. What makes you happy; what makes you smile? Think about your wardrobe. What is your style currently? What do you want your home to say to guests when they come over when they first see the space? How do you want your style to change in the future?

This may seem silly. We’re only talking about window colors, right? Well, actually, window colors can have a huge impact on the style of your home. For instance, black window frames aren’t as popular, but they can be a statement that sets your house apart from the rest.

The most popular way to pick a window frame color is to pick one color uniformly throughout the home. This is not a requirement, though. The most significant benefit of choosing the window frame color is that it’s your decision; you make the call.

Once you have thought through your own style, it becomes easier to decide what your window frame color should be to fit into your style.

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Charcoal Granite Ridge Shingles

Tip 2—Start on the Outside of the Home and Decide on One Color for the Window Frames

This tip is pretty straightforward. Think about the exterior style of your home. Are you planning to update your exterior appearance anytime soon? Are there projects on the horizon you should take into consideration now?

The most popular choice of window frame color is white. This is mostly because aesthetically, it is more appealing than other colors and is a nice crisp contrast to the other house colors.

While you are considering the color of the window frames, it is also an excellent time to decide what style of window you want. Do you want grid lines inside the windows? These grid lines are a great way to add architectural features to your home.

What are the primary and complementary colors of the outside of your home? Look at the gardens and the trees to determine what other colors are being added to your outdoor living aspects. Think about your entry door, your garage doors. What color are they? What color would complement them? Think about the architectural style of the home. Think about the age of the house. What color windows would look best?

With all of these things in mind, decide on two main color choices for the home that will complement the exterior of the house.

Tip 3—Move Inside to Determine the Best Interior Color for Each Room

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Charcoal Pacific Tile Shingles

Start at the entry to your home. What windows are located within that entry? Are there any interior improvements on the horizon that you should take into consideration now? Look at the colors in that entryway. Look at the flooring material and color; look at the texture of the flooring. What colors are the walls? What colors are accented throughout the space? Is there a central design theme throughout your home?

All of these questions are important to think about to determine what color will best suit your window replacement needs. At the same time, consider any privacy concerns in the entryway that may require privacy glass.

Continue this process through each room of your home. For each room, choose two different colors for the windows you think would complement the interior spaces.

Once you have a list of the best color choices (i.e., white and black for exterior, white and gray for the entryway, etc.), you are ready to move onto the next step.

Tip 4—Consider Maintenance to Determine Best Color

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring Charcoal Pacific Tile Shingles

This may seem trivial, but what maintenance considerations should you give as far as the color of the window frame? White windows are traditional, but depending on external factors such as a nearby highway, white windows may not be the best because of street dirt. It may be challenging to keep the white clean.

On the other hand, if you choose black on the interior and you have 10 fluffy white cats, you may not like seeing all the white cat hair on the black window frames.

Tip 5—Consider the Long-Term Goal

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring an Ironwood Granite Ridge Shingles

Windows are an investment in your home. They add value to the house. They help with noise pollution, energy efficiency, and they improve the look of your home. Whenever you are taking on a significant home project such as replacing the windows, it is important to look at your home’s long-term goals. What is your five-year, your 10-year, your lifelong plan?

If resale is important to you, it is crucial to pick a color neutral enough to appeal to most homeowners. White window frames are always a safe bet for resale value.

If resale is not important, personal style becomes more important. It’s more important what you like and what you want than what you need. This allows homeowners a lot more freedom in their choices.

Tip 6—Bring It All Together Now

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring an Ironwood Pinecrest Roof.

Bring all of these considerations to one place, on one piece of paper. Sort out which color is uniformly best for the look and style of your family and your home.

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