7 Myths About Metal Roofs for Kentucky Homeowners

Kentucky homeowners have lots of options when it comes to increasing their home’s values, improving quality of living inside their homes, or simply boosting property value before selling their homes. Metal roofs are fantastic investments, offering tremendous value in terms of long-term cost of ownership and maintenance costs. However, many myths about metal roofs persist, driving homeowners away from what could be some of the best investments they ever make in their properties.

If you are considering an upgrade for your Louisville home in preparation for a sale, want to cut your energy costs, or are looking for a more functional, longer-lasting roof for your home, a metal roof is the ideal choice. It’s vital to separate myth from fact so you can determine the real potential value of a new metal roof for your home.

Myth #1: Metal Roofs Are Ugly

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring a Timberwood Roof

Some people may not like the look of the standard vertical seam-style metal roof. This style is a basic construction of vertically aligned metal panels that fit into one another across the roof’s surface. However, this is not the only style available. If you’re considering an upgrade to a new metal roof for your Kentucky home, the design options are more diverse than you might realize. You can mimic the appearance of an asphalt shingle roof for a traditional look with a dimensional shingle metal roof. This style incorporates panels of multicolored tiles, making the metal roof appear as though it is a standard asphalt shingle roof.

Another option is the Spanish tile style metal roof. Instead of large terracotta tiles, you can invest in a metal roof that uses metal tiles configured in the same curved manner as the timeless Spanish tile look. If you prefer a more coastal aesthetic, metal roofs are also available in a wood shake style, mimicking the appearance of a cedar shake roof.

Myth #2: Metal Roofs Are Noisy

Many people assume that a metal roof would be much noisier during a severe storm than a standard asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingles are somewhat pliable, offering more “give” from impacts and minimizing the sound of precipitation hitting the house. However, metal roofs actually offer better noise reduction than asphalt shingle roofs. The sturdy nature repels precipitation and prevents noise from traveling through the roof bed, meaning reliable and quiet performance during even the heaviest storms.

Myth #3: A Metal Roof Will Attract Lightning

While it’s true that metal attracts lightning, installing a metal roof on your Louisville home will not increase the chances of lightning striking your home. Other factors play much more influential roles in determining the placement of lightning strikes. Taller buildings are more likely to experience lightning strikes than shorter buildings regardless of roof construction type. The local topography, elevation, and the frequency of storms in the area are much more accurate predictors of lightning strikes.

Myth #4: Hail Will Severely Damage a Metal Roof

Many Kentucky homeowners imagine a hailstorm leaving a patina of dents all over the surface of a metal roof, but this is simply not the case. Modern metal roofing material manufacturers use advanced fabrication processes to create lightweight but incredibly durable roofs that can easily withstand the toughest hailstorms. In fact, a metal roof can withstand even golf ball-sized hailstones with minimal difficulty.
The durability of metal roofs extends well beyond hail resistance. A professionally installed metal roof can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour and offers superior fire protection.

Myth #5: Metal Roofs Aren’t Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a major concern for many Louisville homeowners. The Bluegrass State has a highly variable annual climate, with very hot and humid summers and bitterly cold, snowy winters most years. This means many Kentucky homeowners run their air conditioners all summer long and their heaters all winter long, potentially leading to expensive utility bills. It’s a common misconception that a metal roof would make a home hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, but this simply isn’t the case.

While the misconception rests on the fact that metal absorbs sunlight better than asphalt shingles, this fact is what makes a metal roof better for energy efficiency. During the summer, the roof will absorb sunlight without allowing it to influence the interior temperature of the structure. During the winter, absorbed sunlight during the day creates a buffer zone around the home, preventing cold air from affecting the interior temperature. Kentucky homeowners who upgrade to metal roofs typically notice cheaper utility bills within a few months of installation, regardless of the time of year.

Myth #6: Metal Roofs Are Outlandishly Expensive

This misconception results from the fact that a metal roof installation typically costs more than an asphalt shingle roof installation or replacement. While it’s true that the installation cost is higher for a metal roof, the metal roof will undoubtedly pay for the difference within just a few years for several reasons. Metal roofs have much lower regular maintenance costs, increase a home’s energy efficiency, boost a home’s resale value, and can last up to 50 years. When you take these factors into consideration, a metal roof actually pays for itself in a few short years.

Myth #7: A Metal Roof Will Rust

A Beautiful Erie Home Metal Roof featuring a Timberwood HD-Cottage Shingles

Typical standing seam metal roofs are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. A stone coated metal roof is moisture and rust resistance. If you install a new metal roof on your Louisville home, ask your roofer about the roof material’s chemical properties, which substances will cause the most harm, and an ideal inspection schedule.

When Louisville homeowners separate common myths and misconceptions from fact, it’s easy to see how much value a professionally installed metal roof can offer. Whether you simply want to boost the resale value of your home by a large margin or ensure long-term cost of ownership that eclipses what an asphalt shingle roof can offer, a metal roof is a very wise investment for any Kentucky home.

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